9 Year-old Ripper Eli Bouchard is a Snowboarding Prodigy!

9 year-old Eli Bouchard is the youngest person to land a double backflip

Eli Bouchard is a sick little ripper hailing from Quebec, Canada. He’s the youngest person to land a double backflip, SICK! Double backflips are are only the tip of the iceberg for this little dude, check out this edit from Maximise:

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Lynx Comes Within Feet Of Skiers at Big White

Amazing video of an adult lynx coming within feet of skiers at Big White ski resort in Kelowna, British Columbia has been posted on the mountain’s Facebook account. The gorgeous lynx hesitantly walks onto the run after emerging from the forest and decides to let a few skiers through before sneaking off into the forest on the other side of the run.

While lynx are found in the forests of British Columbia it’s rare for them to be seen in the open among humans.


We wonder what Truckee the mountain sledding avalanche rescue dog would thing about our friendly lynx?

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