Positive Vibrations

Improving lives through surf in Jamaica

We’re absolutely loving the Positive Vibe Warriors, a charitable organization with youth water safety and ocean education at its core. Beyond this, they launch and drive global initiatives to improve lives through surf and the ocean.

Founded by brothers Patrick, Dane, and Tanner Gudauskas, Positive Vibration Warrior’s latest project has taken the form of a board drive for the surf community of Jamaica.

They’re also releasing Positive Vibrations, a film documenting the project and lives touched by this great undertaking. On a surf trip to Jamaica in 2014, the Gudauskas brothers were touched by the purity and stoke of the local surf community. As seen in other areas where poverty, violence and drugs have a strong draw on the youth population, surf can pull kids out of this life and keep them on the right. While rich in young surf talent and enthusiasm, Jamaica lacks both the surf infrastructure and imposes high taxes and tariffs on imported goods such as surfboards. In response the Gudauskas Brothers decided to ask the followers on social media to donate surfboards they could spare to send to the Jamaican surf community. After a grassroots surfboard drive, they ended up gathering over 200 surfboards and in 2016 the Gudauskas shipped the boards to Kingston Harbor, Jamaica, ground zero for the Jamaica surf scene.

Check out Positive Vibe Warriors website to learn more.

Keep the good vibes going and check out how surfing has helped improve the life of street children in South Africa:

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Staying Surf Fit When You’re Miles From The Ocean

Put in some work when you’re not in the water, you’ll thank us later

We love to surf. No, WE LOVE TO SURF! The thing is, we can’t get in the water nearly as much as we’d like to. And truth be told, when we do get out for a surf, it’s probably after a long hiatus and we can’t help but notice that people are paddling back out a whole lot faster than us. Is that the ocean we taste on our lips? Or is that the salt of our sullen tears as we see people peeling off on waves that could be ours? If only we were in a little better shape.

The good news is that you stay surf fit sans waves. In fact some of the best exercises for surf training require little to no equipment.

Man Paddling Surfboard

Paddle, paddle, paddle. Look, we know it might seem silly, but if you have access to a body of swimmable water, and you won’t get kicked out of that water if you’re on a surfboard, then get in there and paddle. Your paddle fitness is the most important thing to increase the enjoyment of your next surf trip. Paddling for surfing requires both strength and endurance. It’s important to build both. To focus on power, try paddling on surfboard and take 6 strong strokes with each arm. Commit your whole body to a deep, powerful stroke, determined to make an imaginary wave on that 12th stroke. Experiment with more open fingers, researchers have proved that the optimal width between fingers is 20 to 40 percent. When paddling for power, make extra sure that your non-stroking hand isn’t causing unnecessary drag. After your have done six strokes with each arm, take a rest period with 10 easy strokes each side, this is one set. Do this without rest for 5 sets. Consider getting a prone paddle board or a standup paddle board. Both are fun ways to build endurance, shoulder, bicep and tricep, and core strength.


Swim. If you can’t get out for a paddle, get in the water and swim. In fact, swim as well! Swimming is one of most physically beneficial exercises which is low impact on joints and ligaments. It also helps train you physically and mentally for staying calm while not being able to breath as you normally would. A good entry level swim workout for surf would be:

– 200 meter slow, easy warm-up freestyle
– 100 meter pull, freestyle arms with a kick bouy in-between your legs if you have one, if    not just don’t kick. Again focus on powerful strokes, hands cupped, but not tightly  clenched with space between your fingers
– 100 meter freestyle
– 100 meter pull, freestyle with kick bouy
– 100 meter freestyle
– 200 meter cool-down

Ramp up the distances as your strength and endurance increases, and throw in swimming distances underwater to build confidence and lung capacity.


Cross training/Circuit training. Surfing is a whole body workout. So if you’re going to train for surf, you’d better train everything. One of the best ways to get both a cardio and strength workout is to circuit or cross train. Circuit or cross training incorporates multiple exercises in succession which strategically work different muscle groups, giving you a whole body workout.

An example circuit for surf training would be:

–Bear crawl 10 meters
–Do 10 tuck squat jumps
–Do 12 pushups
–Hold a one minute low plank on your forearms
–Up into a 45 second wall sit

Rest for two minutes and repeat the whole thing two more times. Mix it up, and sequence in high impact exercises which don’t work the same muscles back to back. There are plenty of bootcamp/circuit training groups which help make staying in surf shape fun and social. Check out November Project, a free circuit training group which has ‘tribes’ in many major cities globally.

A good resource for surf specific exercises can be found at Surfer Today’s website.


Yoga. We’re not huge into yoga. There, we said it. But we have done it, and we know it gets us into and hold positions that aren’t real comfortable but definitely work muscles we otherwise wouldn’t. Also, yoga is great for balance and flexibility, or something… I don’t know, we heard that. Yeah, so, yoga is totally great for helping you stay surf fit. We don’t know much about yoga, but watch this, it seemed pretty good when we googled yoga for surfers:

Seriously though, yoga is great for developing and maintaining core strength, flexibility, and body awareness, all hugely beneficial for moving in and on the water.

For more out of water surf fitness tips, training ideas and inspiration check out Elise Carver on Instagram (@littlebantamsurftrainer).

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Big Surf Going Green (er)

Firewire puts an even more eco-friendly spin on the Almond Butter

It’s super cool to see one of the biggest names in the surfboard manufacturing game taking another step in the right direction towards reducing the ecological impact of surfboard manufacturing.

The Firewire experimental Almond Butter as shown at ISPO 2017. Source: @firewiresurfboards

Presented at the ISPO show in Munich by Firewire, this experimental version of the Almond Butter, designed by the mythical creature that is Rob Machado, was built using pieces scrap paulownia wood. The use of scrap wood is responsible for the very cool looking patch work finish on the board. We think it looks rad! As well as using scrap wood, paulownia trees are extremely fast growing, as much as 20 feet in a year. They can be harvested in as little as five years, and can regrow from harvested roots, making them a more eco-friendly wood option. In addition Firewire used a 20% recycled EPS core, 25% less fiberglass, 20% recycled material Futures fin boxes and leash plug, and coated it with Re-Res, a recyclable epxoy resin.

While far from a perfect solution we applaud Firewire for taking steps in the right direction!

And in case you want to hear the man himself, and those sparkly eyes and pearly whites muse about the Almond Butter, and how he rode one into the biggest wave of the day at a Teahupoo session, here you go:

If you want to read about some super sweet, zero waste and super eco-friendly snowboards check this out: Zero Waste Snowboards

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The Best of Surf Short Film, Reelers 2017

Our picks for the best of Reelers 2017 …so far.

Source: Reeler’s 2017

Reelers is a short film competition for everything surf and surf related. Brought to you by Surfing World, the competition features films under 3 minutes in the categories of Story, Action, and Youth. Cash and swag prizes are up for grabs for each of the categories and is judged by surf cinematographer greats; Taylor Steele, Kai Neville and Jack McCoy. Entries can also be selected for audience choice awards via votes on the competition website.

There are some great submissions in the competition so far, so we decided to sit down and highlight our favorite selections for each category. Here are our top picks (and a couple honorable mentions) of the competition so far:

Category: Youth

Submitted by Alex Corcoran, a man of few words who describes his film, Up North, as: “A short made for Reelers 2017. This was made from a trip to Lennox Head ‘ UP NORTH ‘. I am 14” Well 14 year old Alex Corcoran we really liked everything about this film but overall it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and captures perfectly what it’s like to have a great day out in the surf with your friend and mellow fun waves. Well done Alex Corcoran, well done.

Category: Story

This short is submitted by Gold Coast videographer Dru Adler. Titled The Uplifting, it tells the story of how the recent earthquake in New Zealand has changed the surf landscape in and around Adler’s wife’s home town of Kaikoura. We liked this entry in the Story category as it highlights the silver lining of what was an otherwise destructive and tragic event, and that this silver lining is bringing new opportunity and stoke to a generation of young surfers. High five, Dru, for seeing the glass as half full!

Category: Action

Surfing Private Island is a short film shot in the Mentawais about a group of local surfers having a ton of fun. We liked this entry because it just made us want to go out and surf. Ok, we always want to surf, everyone can relate, but you know what we mean, it was feel good, the waves looked perfect, warm, and fun and it captured everything positive about surfing.

Honorable mentions:

Standards Suck is a short film following Jaleesa Vincent. Filmed and submitted by Olivia Williams the two have ton of fun with the project and it radiates sunshine and good times.

A short film by 17 year old Tai Jennison Rupiah For Shade features four of the best young surfers in the world; Rio Waida, Caleb Tancred, Griffin Colapinto and Ethan Ewing. These dudes are young and they rip.

Submissions for Reelers 2017 can be made until February 1st, 2017, so it’s not too late to submit if you’re a budding surf cinematographer. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite entry for the audience choice awards.

To view all entries click to visit the competition website.

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One of the sport’s brightest stars surfs under the universe’s greatest light show

After a year spent like most pro surfers chasing perfect barrels in balmy far flung waters, Mick Fanning admits that “I don’t think I’m well, I can go anywhere in the world, boardshorts, whatever. But no, I come here.” “Here” being the frigid waters off the coast of Norway. While a little off the radar of the WSL and this week’s Pipe crowd, Norway offered an opportunity of a life time to surf under the Northern Lights.

Mick Fanning
Mick Fanning shredding under erie and enchanting green glow of Norway’s Northern lights © Emil Sollie & Mats Grimsæth

Captured by Norwegian photographers Emil Sollie and Mats Grimsæth, the resulting images and video are stunning and unlike anything ever seen before in the world of surf:


Risk and Reward

Risky Business from Guy Mac on Vimeo.

Stretching across such diverse territory as Hawaii, Indonesia, Iceland, South Africa, and Europe, surfer Matt Bromley and videographer Guy Mac show the risks and rewards associated with escaping their comfort zones and globetrotting across some of the world’s most unique surf. Chasing swell and sticking to a budget a lot of surfers can relate to, the two journeymen sought to make a modern surf classic.


Did AWM just one up Kelly Slater?


Jamie O’Brien and Cheyne Magnusson dropped in to American Wave Machines to check out the latest development in wavepool technology. AWM aims to replicate real world waves changeable with the push of a button rather than the prefabbed same ol’ same ol’ that we’ve seen to date with wavepool technology.

To learn more check out: http://americanwavemachines.com/