Big Surf Going Green (er)

Firewire puts an even more eco-friendly spin on the Almond Butter

It’s super cool to see one of the biggest names in the surfboard manufacturing game taking another step in the right direction towards reducing the ecological impact of surfboard manufacturing.

The Firewire experimental Almond Butter as shown at ISPO 2017. Source: @firewiresurfboards

Presented at the ISPO show in Munich by Firewire, this experimental version of the Almond Butter, designed by the mythical creature that is Rob Machado, was built using pieces scrap paulownia wood. The use of scrap wood is responsible for the very cool looking patch work finish on the board. We think it looks rad! As well as using scrap wood, paulownia trees are extremely fast growing, as much as 20 feet in a year. They can be harvested in as little as five years, and can regrow from harvested roots, making them a more eco-friendly wood option. In addition Firewire used a 20% recycled EPS core, 25% less fiberglass, 20% recycled material Futures fin boxes and leash plug, and coated it with Re-Res, a recyclable epxoy resin.

While far from a perfect solution we applaud Firewire for taking steps in the right direction!

And in case you want to hear the man himself, and those sparkly eyes and pearly whites muse about the Almond Butter, and how he rode one into the biggest wave of the day at a Teahupoo session, here you go:

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