Positive Vibrations

Improving lives through surf in Jamaica

We’re absolutely loving the Positive Vibe Warriors, a charitable organization with youth water safety and ocean education at its core. Beyond this, they launch and drive global initiatives to improve lives through surf and the ocean.

Founded by brothers Patrick, Dane, and Tanner Gudauskas, Positive Vibration Warrior’s latest project has taken the form of a board drive for the surf community of Jamaica.

They’re also releasing Positive Vibrations, a film documenting the project and lives touched by this great undertaking. On a surf trip to Jamaica in 2014, the Gudauskas brothers were touched by the purity and stoke of the local surf community. As seen in other areas where poverty, violence and drugs have a strong draw on the youth population, surf can pull kids out of this life and keep them on the right. While rich in young surf talent and enthusiasm, Jamaica lacks both the surf infrastructure and imposes high taxes and tariffs on imported goods such as surfboards. In response the Gudauskas Brothers decided to ask the followers on social media to donate surfboards they could spare to send to the Jamaican surf community. After a grassroots surfboard drive, they ended up gathering over 200 surfboards and in 2016 the Gudauskas shipped the boards to Kingston Harbor, Jamaica, ground zero for the Jamaica surf scene.

Check out Positive Vibe Warriors website to learn more.

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