WELSCOME -A Strangely Beautiful Surf Short Film

The Brazilian surf-skate-lifestyle-kinda-weird-in-a-good-way magazine Void has released a strangely beautiful, strangely satisfying short film documenting pro-surfers Ryan Burch and Ozzie Wright’s road trip from São Paulo to Rio De Janeiro.

The film is like an asymmetrical board, it’s weird, but it somehow works really well.  Speaking of asymmetricals, check out the boards of Ryan Burch, who not only rips, but also crafts some of the most innovative ernest boards around.

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Shit Skier Girls Say, An Oldie But a Goldie

Shit skier girls say

As the ski season creeps toward an end we’re going to need things to keep us entertained until those first few flakes start to appear in the fall. This video never fails to crack us up. Enjoy:

And if the classic isn’t enough, check out the updated BACKCOUNTRY edition!

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Insane New Mountain Bike World Speed Record

French mountain biker Eric Barone sets new world record speed

Last Friday, 56-year-old professional mountain biker Eric Barone set a new world record for the fastest speed ever recorded on a mountain bike at a terror inducing 141.498 miles per hour while traveling down a  mountain in the French Alps, breaking his own previous record of 138.75 mph.

Bike Radar reports that Barone, who was once a stuntman for Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme, experienced shaking and stability issues during his run, not unexpected when riding a mountain bike down a snowy ski run at nearly 150 miles per hour. In a 2002 world record speed attempt Barone crashed and suffered two torn shoulders, six broken ribs, and a broken femur.

His most recent record setting run went much smoother. As quoted (translated from French) from his Facebook Page “A little more than 48 hours after my record, I wanted to thank you all. Thank you to my family and my friends who have always supported me in my various projects.”

We’re willing to bet he’s itching to get to that 150 mark and will be making another world record setting run soon.

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Positive Vibrations

Improving lives through surf in Jamaica

We’re absolutely loving the Positive Vibe Warriors, a charitable organization with youth water safety and ocean education at its core. Beyond this, they launch and drive global initiatives to improve lives through surf and the ocean.

Founded by brothers Patrick, Dane, and Tanner Gudauskas, Positive Vibration Warrior’s latest project has taken the form of a board drive for the surf community of Jamaica.

They’re also releasing Positive Vibrations, a film documenting the project and lives touched by this great undertaking. On a surf trip to Jamaica in 2014, the Gudauskas brothers were touched by the purity and stoke of the local surf community. As seen in other areas where poverty, violence and drugs have a strong draw on the youth population, surf can pull kids out of this life and keep them on the right. While rich in young surf talent and enthusiasm, Jamaica lacks both the surf infrastructure and imposes high taxes and tariffs on imported goods such as surfboards. In response the Gudauskas Brothers decided to ask the followers on social media to donate surfboards they could spare to send to the Jamaican surf community. After a grassroots surfboard drive, they ended up gathering over 200 surfboards and in 2016 the Gudauskas shipped the boards to Kingston Harbor, Jamaica, ground zero for the Jamaica surf scene.

Check out Positive Vibe Warriors website to learn more.

Keep the good vibes going and check out how surfing has helped improve the life of street children in South Africa:

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Mike Basich’s Tiny Snowboard Basecamp On Wheels

Pro snowboarder builds the ultimate DIY mobile basecamp

Mike Basich is living the dream, he roams around the world looking for and shredding the gnarliest backcountry lines. He’s also one seriously talented craftsperson, having constructed and lived out of a tiny home he built on a trailer in the Alaskan wilderness.

Now Mike is back at it, this time he’s building a tiny home on the bed of a light duty 4×4 truck, the aim being to have a home he can park in a standard parking spot and drive from line to line.

And if you want to see his previous tiny home adventure check out the video below. Mike Basich, one seriously cool dude!

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9 Year-old Ripper Eli Bouchard is a Snowboarding Prodigy!

9 year-old Eli Bouchard is the youngest person to land a double backflip

Eli Bouchard is a sick little ripper hailing from Quebec, Canada. He’s the youngest person to land a double backflip, SICK! Double backflips are are only the tip of the iceberg for this little dude, check out this edit from Maximise:

Follow him on insta here:

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Travis Rice’s Winning Hakuba Freeride Run

Travis Rice throws down impressive run in Hakuba, despite poor conditions

Travis Rice pulled together an impressive run despite poor conditions (and terrrrrrrribleeeeeeee commentary) at Hakuba’s Freeride World Tour event on Saturday.

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Truckee The Avalanche Rescue Dog Loves Sliding Down The Mountain, Awww, Cute!

Truckee the avalanche rescue dogs loves sliding down the mountain

That’s Truckee, a super rad:

And super good boy:

Trukee is an avalanche rescue dog at Heavenly Mountain. The video comes from Chris Child, who works ski patrol at Heavenly in the winter and wildfire management in the summer. Truckee, who hits the slopes with Chris to sniff out trapped avalanche victims and missing skiers and boarders apparently also loves getting in on the downhill action at work, when off duty, we assume.

Truckee and some of the other rescue dogs at Heavenly also apparently love getting a ride up the mountain human style, look at those tails go!

Some dogs have it made! And while we’re on the topic of rad animals on the slopes, how do you think Trukee and co would react to running into this bold Lynx who wandered within feet of of skiers at Big White, British Columbia?

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Lynx Comes Within Feet Of Skiers at Big White

Amazing video of an adult lynx coming within feet of skiers at Big White ski resort in Kelowna, British Columbia has been posted on the mountain’s Facebook account. The gorgeous lynx hesitantly walks onto the run after emerging from the forest and decides to let a few skiers through before sneaking off into the forest on the other side of the run.

While lynx are found in the forests of British Columbia it’s rare for them to be seen in the open among humans.


We wonder what Truckee the mountain sledding avalanche rescue dog would thing about our friendly lynx?

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